Programming and scripting





Unreal engine blueprints

List incomplete WIP


Tools and Hardware

List incomplete WIP


Software and Environments

Operating systems:

Windows Environment from 95 till 11

Linux Environment, Debian based systems and Arch


Game Engines:

Unity engine

Unreal engine




List incomplete WIP

Version Control

When it comes to version control systems I prefer Git. Its the system I am most experienced with and I like how there are many clients for it that allow you pick what works for you. I also have experience with SVN (Subversion) and Perforce(p4) but don't use these systems much (anymore) in my daily work 


Dutch / Nederlands - Native speaker

English - Fluent 

German/ Deutch - Beginner (slowly learning this with use of DuoLingo)

Company Emergency Responder ( B.H.V. )

At my current place of employment I have been a "Bedrijfs hulp verlener"(Dutch) for over 5 years, This means I received training on how to help my fellow coworkers in the case of a medical emergency until professional help arrives, how to evacuate people when needed, and how to extinguish small fires