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    Welcome to my little corner on the web.

    This site hosts all things related to 'me'.

    Projects i have worked on, my résumé and skillset as well as anything else that might be related to me.

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    I'm a Software Engineer, I got most experience with languages such as C# and C++ however i'm pretty confident that I can write in any kind of language.

    For more details check out the skills tab.

Software Engineer

I'm a Software Engineer, I produce code and script for various applications


I like to work with people, It's easy in the engineering world to isolate oneself, but I believe there is benefits in forming bonds with the people you work with.


I'm a nerd, I like science-fiction, cool looking machines and gadgets, the main reason I became a engineer was my affinity for these things 

random selection of projects:

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Awesomenauts: assemble
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Surgeon Simulator 2
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