Duke Nukem 3D Megaton port

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Client: Abstraction
Task: Development
Quality Assurance
Skills: C++

Porting to playstation platforms

Duke Nukem 3D, a game that most people will recognize was one of the porting projects I helped in while working at Abstraction, the assigned was simple, port the old c/c++ project to work on the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita.  using a in-house engine we modified the existing code to work with the more modern hardware. I was mostly assisting on this project so my main focus was on platform specifics hook ups and bugs.


Every game has bugs and when one ports a old game over to way newer hardware you are going to find those bugs, on the machines that old was designed for the code sometimes just works because things were slow, but timing issues will show up. we found quite a few when the game was running esp in the multiplayer code.

Platform specifics

Sony likes their platforms to make use of the features even if a game is old, This means adding achievements/trophies and things such as multiplayer invite handling, achievements were easy since we were able to look at the remastered pc version to see what made sense however the invites were a bit more of a challenge to get working, luckily in the end we did and people were able to join the ps3 game with their vita and so on.