Kick & Fennick Vita

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Client: Abstraction
Task: Porting
Skills: C++
Unity Scripting

Kick and Fennick

Kick and Fennick was my first project that I worked on after starting my job at Abstraction the goal was to port a windows version of the game to the playstation Vita, This came with its own set of challenges the big one being that at the time exporting a unity project to the Vita platform was not yet supported.


The game

Kick and Fennick is a platforming game about a little boy that finds himself stranded in a robot factory, after meeting up with a little floating robot he learns that he can use a big gun to not just shoot enemy robots but also propel himself forward with the recoil. The player shoots the player through the levels trying to find a replacement tail for his little robot friend


No Exporter

The main problem with porting to the playstation Vita was that at the time the Unity game engine was not supporting the Vita Playstation platform so we had to somehow make this work, the crazy idea was made to build a unity environment in Playstations PhyreEngine which ran on the vita and then port all the related C# unity code to C++ to run in this environment. This was a lot of work but in the end we got a pretty decent port working.